About Exjobbsportalen.com

The purpose of Exjobbsportalen.com is simple, we provide a public place for students and businesses to hook up for academic work tasks. Our main audience is currently Scandinavian countries with Sweden as our base (“Exjobbsportalen” means “Master Thesis portal” by the way). The reason for this site being in English is simply that most diplomas require English essays, and our target groups are international students and global companies.  

The team behind Exjobbsportalen.com have their academic history in Chalmers University of Technology. They also have experience as supervisors for master students in thesis projects at various companies. In the search for suitable students for interesting thesis projects the team realized there was a need for a new and attractive distribution platform for these kind of assignments. The Exjobbsportalen.com site was designed to suite both the student and the business user.

We hope you find what you are looking for, whether you are a student or a business user! If you have any kind of request of feedback please let us now on info@exjobbsportalen.com. We are aiming to continuously improve our services and are happy to hear from our users!